Is a degree worth it?!

My first day of the new semester… I had high expectations since this is my 4th semester in college, I thought I had everything down. That was certainly not the case. Since I haven’t taken science classes since high school, I was highly confused in both my lecture and lab today and I feel as though I was the only one who was lost. I know right? Ugh, science. I took all early classes this semester so that I had plenty of time to do homework during the evenings and have homework free weekends. I actually enjoyed getting there early and leaving before traffic started. Today, didn’t go quite as planned, being confused on your first day isn’t the ideal situation but I am sure i’ll catch on. I’m also taking Business Calculus and let me just tell you, YUCK! I tried logging on today to start on some homework and there is absolutely no trace of me even being in the class. I am not able to log on to my lab to do any homework and my professor doesn’t even know how to get me enrolled in the course… so YEAH. I am meeting with her tomorrow, thankfully. SO, I then started to look over my Business online class and he stated in the Syllabus that MacBook’s aren’t allowed in his class… Great, that’s the only computer I have. Hopefully, I can manage this semester but I wish these hiccups weren’t an issue, but I’d rather have problems this early rather than mid-way through the semester.

College is definitely not for me, but that doesn’t mean I am going to stop when things get tough. I just have to power through, especially since I have SO many plans for my future. If anyone has any advice on how to stay positive during the semester and when things get hard, please let a girl know!! This semester will be a little tougher because I am driving there 4 days a week and I live a good 45-50 minutes away from campus and with traffic its even longer. I need to start a little routine on the days I go up there at 8 a.m. Also, if you have any tips on how to get a routine going.. need any advice I can get!

On the bright side of today, my cutie boyfriend and I are going to dinner in Dallas and then Mavericks game tonight, so I am very excited for that. Lucky for him, he didn’t start classes today so I’m here freaking out already while he’s just playing video games… Take me back to yesterday before all this stress about school existed.

Until next time,



“Work hard, be kind and amazing things will happen” -Conan O’Brien

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