Hi everyone! Welcome back to my blog. In today’s post, I wanted to talk about my skin routine and what I use to keep my skin as clear as possible. I am all about self care and self love so these products are my best friends! In the fall/winter time my skin gets very dry and rough, so during these months I have to take extra great care of my skin. I always get asked what my skin care routine is so I figured I could write a post about it in detail. I use to just wash my face with some random face wash and would put some moisturizer on but lately I have been branching out and using products that have been really benefiting my skin. My hope is to stray away from makeup and just use these products as a replacement. My skin has been glowing and I can’t wait to share the products. I will include where you can get each product and how much they roughly cost just in case you guys want to start using them too!

Step One:

Cleanser: My Mary Kay cleanser is amazing! I typically use this whenever I wear makeup because it takes my makeup right off. I pour about a pea sized amount (a little goes a long way) of cleanser in my hand and lather all over my face for about 30 seconds or until you feel like it has done its job!

Mary Kay cleanser is $24 and can be found on the Mary Kay website.

Step Two:

Bioré Face Wash- WOW! This stuff is amazing. I just started using it and it makes my skin feel so refreshed after every use. It makes me so excited to wash my face LOL! I use a dime sized amount and wash with warm water for about 30-40 seconds. Once you rinse, you will know exactly what I’m talking about! It feels amazing and I feel like it’s really cleaning my face. It comes in several different options such as Rose Quartz, Witch Hazel and Agave but I really am obsessed with charcoal and it feels great.

Bioré Face Wash is $5.99 and can be found at Target, Amazon or Ulta.

Step Three:

Thayers Witch Hazel- This alcohol free toner is absolutely great. I pour some onto a cotton round or cotton ball to cleanse, soften, refresh and moisturize my skin. The toner I used before this would strip away my skin, cause dryness everywhere and make my skin feel so tight and rough, but once I started using Witch Hazel it was a complete game changer. I highly recommend this product! This also comes in multiple scents such as Lavender, rose petal, coconut, cucumber and much more including unscented for those who don’t necessarily like scents.

Thayers Witch Hazel can be found at Target, Amazon or Urban Outfitters. The prices vary between $8.50-$11

Step Four:

I just started using the Valjean Labs serums recently and they have actually made a difference in how my skin glows. I use the hydrate one in the mornings to hydrate my face for the day and the overnight repair at nights (obviously, lol!). I start by putting a pea sized amount in my palm and then lather into my skin. I then use my jade roller to press the serum into my skin and to reduce puffiness. These are the perfect serums and there are five different kinds such as overnight repair, hydrate, glow, revive and clarify. I want to get the other three ones to see if I like those as well! I’ll be sure to let you guys know once I try them out but I definitely love the two I have right now. The jade roller is such a neat tool, you apply pressure while rolling the tool from the center of your face in upward and outward motions. There are different stones such as Jade, Rose Quartz, White Opal and so much more. They all have different functions so make sure to do some research about the different stones before purchasing! I chose mine because my under-eyes are puffy when I wake up so I figured it was a good start but I hope to collect them all!

Overnight repair facial oil is anywhere between $12-$15 and can be found on Amazon and Urban Outfitters.
Hydrate facial serum is anywhere between $12-$15 and can be found on Amazon and Urban Outfitters.
Jade Roller is said to decrease puffiness and under-eye circles. The price ranges anywhere between $3-$28, depending on what brands you like. Can be found anywhere such as Tj Maxx, Urban Outfitters, Target or Ulta.

Step Five:

Final step is moisturizer. I use the CeraVe moisturizing cream because it’s a thick cream texture that makes my skin feel great. It’s for normal to dry skin which is what I am so I thought it was perfect and CeraVe is such a great brand and can be found anywhere. I put about a quarter size of the cream on my palm and lather onto my face until it’s fully rubbed in.

CeraVe Cream is found at Target or Ulta and is about $12.99


So I also wanted to share my all time favorite face mask! It is the charcoal mask by Mary Kay and I swear by it! It makes my skin feel so great. I pour some of the mask onto a foundation brush and apply where I feel like my skin needs the extra love. I let it sit for about 10-15 minutes and then rinse with warm water. I use it twice a week.

Mary Kay charcoal mask can be found on their website for $24. It’s a bit pricier for a face mask but trust me… IT WORKS!

Mario Badescu facial spray- I have been using this for years. It’s an invigorating mist formulated with an infusion of nutrient-rich botanicals and cucumber essential water to revive dull, tired skin. Aloe vera and cucumber – both rich in essential vitamins and minerals – deliver a cooling boost of hydration as green tea provides powerful antioxidant protection. My Sskin is left feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Mario Badescu facial spray can be found at Ulta or Urban Outfitters and ranges from $7-$15.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read my blog! It was so fun to write and to let you guys know what works for my skin and I hope it works for yours too! Self care is the best care and I feel like self confidence is key! I really stand by these products and hope to add some new ones that really help my skin glow! If any of you have recommendations for skin products, let me know and I would love to try it out!

Until next time…



“Self care comes first!”

New York City

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my blog, I know it has been a while since I last wrote, but I am back. Finally! Since my last post, I have finished my 4th semester of college, worked a lot and went to my favorite city on the entire planet. I know NYC is probably not the nicest place but it’s the place that has my heart and most likely will forever. Something about NYC is so charming and overwhelming (in a good way). I went to New York with my cutie boyfriend, Ford and we met up with his sister, Ashley and his cousin, Robert. It was so sweet because his cousin let us stay with him in his apartment in Queens, so it was only a subway away from Manhattan. We stayed for 5 days and 4 nights, which is not enough time in that beautiful city, but it was quite exhausting with all the walking. Ford and I flew in to LaGuardia on a Saturday and when we got there, we met up with Robert and Ashley was on her way in from New Jersey (she has an internship up north this summer and she was only a train ride away so she came and met us in the city the day we got there, which was so sweet!) Ford and I settled in and changed out of our plane clothes and got dressed up so that we could go eat and explore with Ashley. On the first night, we ate at a Ramen place (Ford and I eat ramen at least once a week so we have to try different ramen places when we go out of town lol!!), and then we all went into the city to try out a cookie place. We walked through Central Park, which is probably my absolute favorite place in NYC and called in a night since we had been traveling all day.

The view on top of the rocks in Central Park, it’s always so breathtaking!

The second day-

The second day was jammed pack of fun adventures. We started the day off by going to The Grey Dog (such a yummy and unique place, I highly suggest it)! We went to Chelsea Market a couple blocks away for a little shopping before Ashley had to leave. We walked with her to Penn station, so she could catch a train back. It was so sad when she had to leave, we wanted her to stay the whole time with us but we were so lucky that she came to see us for a little bit during our trip. After our goodbyes, Ford and I headed to Times Square, I have only seen Times Square at night so it was really awesome to see it during the day. We literally did so much shopping. We went into Forever 21, H&M, Urban Outfitters, the M&M store, the Hershey store, and honestly so much more. We did a little damage to our wallets but it was so worth it. Ford got himself a whole new wardrobe(that he keeps adding to, it’s so cute watching him buy new stuff!! He always has to show me and his family when he buys new things). After a day full of making memories and shopping, we got onto the subway to head back to Queens. Ford was so adamant about getting a New York style pizza, so that is what we had for dinner. We ate pizza, watched a little TV and got ready for bed. We were so exhausted so we went to bed pretty early so that we had a lot of energy for the next day.

Ford, Ashley and I on the subway heading into the city!
Ford and I at the grey dog for lunch.
Photo Op of Ashley as we were walking to Chelsea Market.
Posing in front of one of the most ICONIC buildings in NYC!
Ford in Times Square! He was probably so annoyed with the amount of pictures I took of him. Sorry boo!
I am in AWE of this place.

The third day-

The third day was as jammed packed as the second day was. Ford and I woke up, got ready, and headed into the city once again. We decided to make our way to lower Manhattan to Tribeca’s kitchen for brunch. After we ate, we went to see the Freedom tower and where the beautiful twin towers once stood. We took lots of pictures and loved every second just looking at the incredible towers that surrounded us. I also *had* to take Ford into Century 21! I love that place and I totally had Carrie Bradshaw vibes the entire time. We then decided to go to the Brooklyn Bridge and it absolutely blew my mind. It was so beautiful. We had been walking so much that we decided to go back into Queens for some rest and also I needed to make an outfit change. I packed so many outfits and wanted to wear them all during the short time we were there. After some much needed rest and my 2nd outfit change, we were ready to go back into the city for dinner and to walk around. I had never been to Shake Shack before so Ford and I wanted to eat there, we were walking a good hour and a half trying to find one and little did we know that it was literally UNDERGROUND in Grand Central. We had been walking around Grand Central but didn’t know it was actually inside! LOL! I have been inside Grand Central before but when we walked in, I was still in awe of its beauty just like I was the first time I saw it. After spending lots of money on an average burger and fries, we decided to keep exploring instead of calling it a night and let me tell you… I am so glad we decided to walk around. We ended up in Bryant Park and that was amazing. Ford and I just laid in the grass for an hour just admiring the view. We had meaningful and beautiful conversations, which I will never forget! Ford is such a trooper, anything I wanted to do, we did. I wanted to keep walking and somehow we ended up back in Times Square so we just took in more of its beauty. After about 3o minutes walking up and down the street, we wanted to go to 5th Avenue which is absolutely stunning with all the designer stores lined up for miles. It was so cool seeing all the pretty things in the window displays. Near 5th Avenue was Rockefeller Center which is somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit. And just as I suspected, it was everything I thought it was going to be and more. Every building and street in NYC is so iconic and beautiful. We probably walked 15 miles that day, we were so exhausted and ready for bed. Back to Queens we went.

Trying to be a local, ya know?
Freedom Tower: it is so much more beautiful in person.
So in love with Ford and the Brooklyn Bridge
I couldn’t stop taking pictures of the amazing, jaw dropping buildings.
A selfie of Ford and I being as happy as can be.
Wanted to include this because he just looked SO good.

Our final day- 😦

Ah, I was sooo not ready to come back to Texas because I love New York so much. The last day was spent in the Greenwich Village area near NYU and Washington Square park. We both wanted to see the beautiful monument and just sat in admiration. There were so many NYU students graduating so we got to see them taking pictures in their bright purple cap and gowns. We didn’t even have a clue that they were having graduations while we were there, so it was honestly so neat to witness! We were starving for food so we made our way to the Flatiron district and Eataly. Of course, we had more pizza and gelato. It wasn’t the best pizza but it was a good experience so hey, what can you do? We took pictures with the iconic wedge-shaped flatiron building, which I was so excited for. I see so many of my favorite bloggers post it when they’re in NYC so I was so happy when I was able to see it in person. We did a little more shopping around the district and then decided to head back to queens before our final dinner and walk around the city. I had once again, ANOTHER outfit change, shocker. Ford and I looked up some ramen places that we could try and we ended up eating at this one right on 5th Avenue and it was absolutely amazing. It was so unique and delicious. After dinner, we decided to go to the top of the rock and let me tell you. I will never forget how I felt in those exact moments on top of the Rockefeller center. It literally took my breath away. I couldn’t help but tear up a little bit, I highly suggest going to the top of the rock. It was a little pricey but soooo worth the money. Ford was a little worried about being so high up, but he knew how much it meant to me so he just soaked it in along side of me. Since we had such an early flight the next day, we called it a night and went back to the apartment and packed our bags.

Washington Square Park featuring: Ford
Washington Square Park featuring: Me and the lady who was graduating
Iconic Flatiron building
Had to include this beautiful picture I took of Ford at dinner
Last night= best night with my handsome date
Ford featuring the purple Empire State building (it was purple because of the NYU graduations)
This view is something I’ll never forget. You can see all the planes coming into NYC.
*Also, if you look closely, you can see the Statue of Liberty!
One of the most cherished pictures I have from the trip. Genuinely happy with this guy.

This was a trip that I won’t be forgetting any time soon. I felt so peaceful in such a big and busy city. Ford and I had the best time and being able to see his sister and cousin made it even better. I feel so happy and grateful that we were able to take a trip like this by ourselves. It truly was the best vacation.

To Ford, thank you for being such a light in my life and being down to take random trips with me here and there. You truly are such a gentleman and your kindness never goes unnoticed. You are one of a kind and I am so lucky to have you! Thanks for such a memorable trip and being so open to all the things I planned in our short time there. You shine so bright!! I love you. Now, when is our next vacation and where?!

Thank you all for reading! I just wanted to take my time on this post and include every detail because it was such a special trip. As I was writing this, I was imagining I was still in NYC soaking up the beautiful view and the different people. I love that city and just wanted to share my love for it with all of you. Sorry it’s so lengthy and long winded but I wanted to take y’all along with me. Thank you so much.

Until next time,

XO, Em

“New York is not a place. It is a feeling.”

My Favorite Spring Outfits

Hi Everyone! I know it’s been awhile since I last wrote but I just wanted to hop on and share some of my favorite go to outfits for spring! I know it’s really hard to dress for spring when the Texas weather is so unpredictable, it’s winter in the morning, summer during the day and then fall at nights! This time of year I wear layers so that I can take off/put on clothes when necessary. I did a try on haul at Simply Kate and I wanted to show you some affordable and amazing pieces that I picked up! I have a trip coming up in May that I am so excited to wear these things while I’m there. Every so often I do a major clothing cleanse and completely raid my closet and get rid of things I don’t wear a lot, I like making room for new pieces that I can mix and match! I took these pictures in a dressing room so hopefully they don’t look too bad, lol!

I hope you all have an amazing Easter and that it is spent with family and friends. Love you all!

The first piece that I am over the moon excited about is this “Right on the Dot” Romper. It is so flattering and I feel like you can wear this with wedges to dress it up or throw on a denim jacket with white sneakers to make it more casual. The fit of it is absolutely amazing and the details are great. The front has frills on the hemline and a belt to cinch the waist in, which gives it character. I love that this is a romper instead of a dress because I feel more comfortable in it than I do with dresses. Since I am on the taller side and have legs that are a mile long, for more length I went ahead and sized up to a medium. I paired it with some gold wedges but honestly you can even do black since the polkadots are black, which is what I will probably end up doing and throwing some fun, bright, spring earrings on.

Right on the Dot Romper: $41

My second outfit is another romper because they are just my jam this spring! I am obsessed with all things gingham print, and in any color! I love this romper because not only is it flattering, it is also so comfortable and can be dressed up or down. I love the fact that it is form fitting and not too short. It is a mustard, yellow color which makes me so happy. I don’t own much mustard colors but I dig this, so it had to come home with me. I love the frill hemline I think it makes it look so classy and stylish. The tie belt to the side makes this piece so amazing because I am all into the side belts. I am so excited to strut down the streets in New York in this adorable gingham print romper! This romper does run pretty true to size and the length actually worked so I am wearing a size small!

Under the Sun Romper: $38.99

My last favorite outfit is a fun skort that is also in gingham print! I am telling you guys, I love this print so much. The skort is so flattering and can be worn with a plain white off the shoulder top like I have on here or even a graphic tee to make it more Sunday brunch casual (which is how I am probably going to wear it)! It is made just like the romper above, the hemline has a frill to it and it is overlapping which makes it look so cute. The belt is also tied to the side, which I’m sure that is going to be the new spring 2019 trend, but I am not complaining, I LOVE IT! This top individually is amazing as well, I think you can easily pair it with some cut off denim shorts or even some dark wash bell bottoms with platforms. The hemlines on the neck, sleeves and bottom are what sold me on this top, it adds fun little details. I am wearing a size small so the length isn’t a huge issue when purchasing this skort and a medium in the top.

Garden of Bliss Skort: $34
Happy Forever Top: $24.99

I hope you guys enjoyed my little clothing haul and that you liked reading it! I am heading to NYC next month and will have lots to write about then. This next month before I leave for vacation, I will be studying/working really hard to finish up the last few weeks of this semester so I probably won’t be writing much so please bare with me! I will have lots of content up this summer! Until next time,

xo, Em

“When you are kind to others, it not only changes you, it changes the world” -Harold Kushner

All things SPRING!!

Ahh! Who is excited for spring?! I know I am! Warmer weather is coming and it is lighter much later. I know its still kind of cold but we get some of those days where it teases us with warmer weather so it just makes me so excited for the transition from winter to spring. I am starting to push my sweaters towards the back of my closest and bring my spring clothes forward. I have bought a couple of staple pieces that I think should be in everybody’s wardrobe and I am going to share them with you in this post! Just a little update: It is finally half way through the semester and this week we’re on spring break. Everyone I know is at a beach or skiing but here I am working and doing my homework! Super fun! NOT. I am just really excited for summer honestly! I have a couple of trips planned and I am so very ready for them. I am patiently waiting…… (still wish I was on a beach and getting tan right now though)

Okay so lets jump right in!

This dress is only $36! Available online @shopsimplykate or in store!
I am 5’6 and wearing a size medium, this fits true to size, I sized up since I am taller I wanted it longer!

Ok so how cute is this dress? You can dress it up with some brown wedges and colorful earrings or with some white sneakers for a more casual look! It is definitely going to be one of my most worn pieces this spring and summer! I paired it with some hot pink earrings and a simple gold necklace! I really love how it cinches under the bust because it makes it look so flattering and form fitting! The back is criss-cross and so stylish! The material is very nice and forgiving! It doesn’t stick to you at all which I love since summer is so dang hot and everything sticks to your body!

The tank top is only $32 and comes in multiple colors! The skirt is $33.99.
Skirt: I am 5’6 and wearing a size medium
Top: I am wearing a size small
Both fit true to size

This is one of my faves! The top is so adorable to wear and can be worn with several different bottoms. I paired it with a denim skirt but if you want more of a casual look I would wear jeans or shorts! The other two colors it comes in would be so cute with white jeans and some platforms sandals.. Anything is cute when you add a pair of stylish platforms. On another note, how incredible are these earrings?? They are like little burst of confetti on your ears. Here’s a closer up picture!

These earrings are only $14.95
The top I’m wearing is only $33.99 and the shorts are $35
I am wearing a size small, fits true to size.

I am ALLLL about the rainbow trend! I love how it’s so casual and can be worn with absolutely anything! This top is meant to just hang down but I love tying my shirts up in a knot or tucking them in my jeans/shorts. I just feel more put together and love how flattering it looks on me! Seriously, if you see me walking down the street I will almost always (99%) of the time have my shirt tucked in or in a knot! The quality of this shirt is amazing! It is so soft and not see through which I love since it’s so hard to find a white shirt that isn’t showing your bra!

Shirt is only 32.95 and the earrings are $16
I am wearing a size small since they are oversized.

Okay my absolute favorite shirt ever! I love everything about this shirt, it’s a “feel good” shirt. You know what I’m talking about? Like when you wear it, it just feels good! Lol! I adore the saying, “good thoughts, kind people & happy moments”, which is everything I LOVE. The speckled white detail really makes the shirt pop! I think if it were on a regular black tee, it wouldn’t really give me the same feeling. As soon as we put these on the floor I snatched one right up and we have just restocked them! That is how fast they are going. The fit is amazing, it is not a tight fitted shirt in the slightest, it is oversized and it looks so good on everyone who has tried it on in the store. I HIGHLY recommend this tee! The earrings I paired with it made the lettering on the shirt really noticeable! They’re little beaded detail hoops and I absolutely love them AND they’re only $16! Like come on.

Romper is $45, earrings $14.95 and the shoes are $38.99
I am 5’6 and wearing a size small, it fits true to size!

Okay so this romper gives me life! It’s so colorful and gives me all the spring feels! I love the belt detail and the flared legs. I would definitely go out to Dallas and eat brunch in this outfit, it is so cute and flattering. I paired it with hot pink earrings to bring out the pinks in the romper. This piece is definitely a show stopper and I think it’s a NEED in your wardrobe!

I hope you all enjoyed my post! I love being able to share all these outfits with you guys! All items are available in store or @shopsimplykate! I posted what size I am wearing and how they fit just for a reference! Until next time,

XO- Em

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life-to be happy. It’s all that matters.” -Audrey Hepburn


Hi guys!

Sorry I haven’t been active in about a week or so, I’ve just been getting adjusted to the new semester, harder classes, working and going to school 4x a week. I am quite exhausted but its manageable! A little update on my classes, I thought I was going to struggle in calculus but it’s actually a class that I am excited to learn more and I understand the materials which is always great in a math class! My geology class is interesting but not my favorite, but science has never really been my preferred subject. I had a couple of hiccups at the beginning but now that everything is setting in, it has been a little better.

Out with the old and in with the new, all 2019. Fresh starts can be so little but make a big impact. I have started to go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier. I feel 100x better and I feel more accomplished. I have been doing my homework the day I was assigned it and I feel like I have much more free time when the weekend rolls around. I read daily pick me up quotes and I feel like I can tackle anything the day throws at me. Changing your mindset on things is such a great fresh start!! You may not think little things like that matter, but they make a difference whether you can see it right now or not.

Lately I have been in the mood to start fresh, I recently went through my closet and donated about half of what is in there. I’ve been looking for a couple of staple pieces that I NEED in my closet, which is what I will be sharing with you all! I don’t really “need” these things but I feel as though I’d get a lot of use out of them and those pieces are better to have than those where you don’t even know why you bought it or where you’d even wear it to.

SO, I am writing to show you guys some of my favorite things and where I bought them.

These jeans are literally THE best! I bought these at my job Simply Kate for $39.99, they are so flattering and adorable! They do run a little small, so if you like these I recommend sizing up! This Gucci belt dupe is also available at Simply Kate for only $64.95, it is such a great quality dupe and I am obsessed. If you want a designer belt but don’t want to spend the money on it then I highly suggest this one. My shoes are just the old school vans and I adore them, you can get them online or in stores. My shirt is from a Chinese wholesale website which I am IN LOVE with, it’s called Shein and this top I believe was only $7, like come on! That is such a good price for a shirt I can just throw on. It is a hit or a miss, so I recommend that you look at the reviews and go from there. I shop there all the time and I have received good quality items every time I’ve ordered from them. Last but not least, my little initial necklace is also available at Simply Kate and it’s only $12. (Yes I am wearing an F, it’s my boyfriends initial lol)

This off the shoulder sweater is probably one of my favorite things in my closet right now. It is the perfect shade of pink and it is slightly cropped so it’s easier to tuck in my jeans. (I have it tucked in this photo) It is also from my job, Simply Kate and it’s only $37, such a good price. I bought this shirt for Valentine’s Day and I am so excited to dress it up and take more pictures in it. The belt I am wearing here is a real Gucci belt, I splurged on it a little too much but it is available online or in stores (sometimes), it’s actually really hard to find the color you want and in your size. I had my eye on this belt for a YEAR and I kept checking almost everyday and I finally got my hands on one!! (I certainly don’t recommend this belt, if you want one I would just buy the dupe because it does look so similar and for a fraction of the cost of a real one)

The last and final outfit I wanted to share was another favorite of mine from Simply Kate! (My boss, Kaitlin, is the one pictured with me here! We are wearing the same shirt just in different colors!)

These tops are so great for spring and summer, they are lightweight and flowy! I bought the tan one because I gravitate towards neutral colors all the time, I don’t know why I just do.. Lol! They’re only $39! Overall, the fit and flow of these tops are amazing. You can either wear it with jeans (like we have on here) or even with shorts, a belt and some sandals. Either way, I think it’s a NEED!

Thank you all for reading!! Until next time,



(The first picture was taken by my dad, he’s my personal photographer 😉 and the last two pictures were taken by our store photographer Meggie Taylor! She is amazing.)

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“Everyday is a fresh start” -Unknown

Valentine’s Day!!!

Ah, I love Valentine’s Day! Not many people like it but I am one of those who is a sucker for love. I usually spend my Valentine’s Day at home with a box of chocolates and a romantic movie(preferably Nicolas Sparks), but this year I am celebrating with my cutie boyfriend. We’re doing dinner and a movie and I am sooo excited, times spent with him are the best!

I have a couple of outfits that I wanted to share with you all that make for the perfect date night or even girls night out. I bought it all at my job Simply Kate, we have the BEST selection of Valentine’s Day outfits for you guys. I am going to share a few photos that our wonderful photographer Meggie Taylor took and then post the names of the clothing I am wearing. You can order my looks online @Shopsimplykate


This is one of my favorite outfits at the store right now. These bell bottoms give me life!! They are so flattering and the perfect flare. I am 5’7 and wearing a size 25, the length is a tad too short for me but with the right shoes they’d be perfect. This sweater is so great, it’s flirty and fun. The distressed hems are the cutest detail, it’s been such a popular look this season. I love the little hearts on this sweater, it is the perfect little touch. I am wearing a size small and I like to show my shoulder with this look but it can be worn on both, if you feel more comfortable with that.

Since the sweater has distressed details on the neckline, I wouldn’t wear a necklace with this but I made up for it with these statement earrings!

Top: $44

Jeans: $47.95

Earrings: $18


Okayyyy, how cute is this top?! It is a perfect staple piece to add to your closet and it can be worn in every season with just different jewelry and shoes. It comes with a camisole built in which is very convenient and so cute! I am wearing a size medium, I sized up because I have a longer torso and wanted extra length at the bottom. The jewelry I am wearing is a light purple mauve but can easily be switched out for some pink or red jewelry for Valentine’s Day. This is a very affordable outfit and can be easily paired with a skirt or jeans.

Top: $39

Earrings: $14.95

Necklace: $15.95


This is a customer favorite cardigan. It is so soft, fuzzy and an absolute NEED for your wardrobe. I am wearing just a plain white v neck shirt and some nice layering jewelry, you can either wear this look with a short or long necklace but since the shirt is plain, I wore the long necklace option. We do have white v necks in store that are so soft and can be worn with this outfit, I actually bought the white v neck right after this photoshoot, lol! The jeans are KanCan but they’re a style that has gone out of stock. We do have similar ones in store. I LOVE KanCan jeans, they’re soft, comfortable and affordable.

Cardigan: $41

White V Neck: $15.95

Earrings: $14.95

Necklace: $21

I have so many more outfits that I would love to share but these are my top 3 for sure! You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram for daily post. I will be posting more about the outfits I personally but from Simply Kate because I always get asked where I get my clothes from and I love reading post about clothes so hopefully you all do too!

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and enjoy the day with loved ones. Eat lots of chocolate for me!

Until next time,



All photos were taken by Meggie Taylor, follow her on Instagram @meggie.taylor

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Is a degree worth it?!

My first day of the new semester… I had high expectations since this is my 4th semester in college, I thought I had everything down. That was certainly not the case. Since I haven’t taken science classes since high school, I was highly confused in both my lecture and lab today and I feel as though I was the only one who was lost. I know right? Ugh, science. I took all early classes this semester so that I had plenty of time to do homework during the evenings and have homework free weekends. I actually enjoyed getting there early and leaving before traffic started. Today, didn’t go quite as planned, being confused on your first day isn’t the ideal situation but I am sure i’ll catch on. I’m also taking Business Calculus and let me just tell you, YUCK! I tried logging on today to start on some homework and there is absolutely no trace of me even being in the class. I am not able to log on to my lab to do any homework and my professor doesn’t even know how to get me enrolled in the course… so YEAH. I am meeting with her tomorrow, thankfully. SO, I then started to look over my Business online class and he stated in the Syllabus that MacBook’s aren’t allowed in his class… Great, that’s the only computer I have. Hopefully, I can manage this semester but I wish these hiccups weren’t an issue, but I’d rather have problems this early rather than mid-way through the semester.

College is definitely not for me, but that doesn’t mean I am going to stop when things get tough. I just have to power through, especially since I have SO many plans for my future. If anyone has any advice on how to stay positive during the semester and when things get hard, please let a girl know!! This semester will be a little tougher because I am driving there 4 days a week and I live a good 45-50 minutes away from campus and with traffic its even longer. I need to start a little routine on the days I go up there at 8 a.m. Also, if you have any tips on how to get a routine going.. need any advice I can get!

On the bright side of today, my cutie boyfriend and I are going to dinner in Dallas and then Mavericks game tonight, so I am very excited for that. Lucky for him, he didn’t start classes today so I’m here freaking out already while he’s just playing video games… Take me back to yesterday before all this stress about school existed.

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“Work hard, be kind and amazing things will happen” -Conan O’Brien